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So, You’ve Dropped Something Down The Drain?

We’ve all done it – dropped something in the toilet or down a sink drain. Sometimes it’s our cell phone and relatively easy to retrieve (if not sometimes gross). Other times it is a favorite necklace or a wedding band.  In stranger cases, it’s usually a child playing “hide” the keys or favorite toy. However it happened, our sinks, tubs, [...]

5 Common Air Conditioning Problems

There are a few scenarios that are our top calls for air conditioning and HVAC problems, especially in the spring or winter time. Before your air conditioner gives out before you really need it this summer, call us to schedule a regular maintenance check-up. Fan is not working. You turn your air conditioner on but notice that it does not [...]

Common Plumbing Myths

Homeowners and renters alike have heard numerous tips and “advice” on how to take care of their plumbing systems. Some of it passed down from family and other times it may have been advice from online. And most of it, wrong. We have complied a list of major plumbing myths and the correct advice to go with each.   Myth [...]

Hard Water Problems

Hard water can be problematic and it is usually a regional issue, unluckily for us Floridians, we fall into the affected region. Hard water is caused by minerals like calcium, aluminum, magnesium, and iron in tap water sources. These minerals come from water passing through layers of limestone in the ground. The high concentration of minerals in the water can [...]

Dirty Sock Syndrom Pt 2

Our last week’s blog was about Dirty Sock Syndrome; what it is, how to know if you have it, and if it’s dangerous. To read more on this topic, you can check out the blog article here. This week we are concluding our Dirty Sock Syndrome with information on how to treat and prevent falling victim to Dirty Sock Syndrome. [...]

Plumbing And Kitchen Remodel

So, you’ve finally had the chance to remodel your kitchen and you can’t wait to pick out the new cabinets and countertops! So much happens during a renovation, especially if you choose to do some or all of the upgrades yourself. While giving your kitchen a facelift, keep in mind that in order to avoid an expensive gaffe there are [...]

Dirty Sock Syndrome Part I

Have you turned on your air conditioning unit recently and noticed a foul, rotten, or moldy smell flow through the vents? If so, you may have fallen victim to Dirty Sock Syndrome. Dirty Sock Syndrome is a real problem, albeit with a silly sounding name, that can affect anyone with an air conditioning unit. What is Dirty Sock Syndrome and [...]

Where does dust come from?

Dust is a constant battle. It always seems to be in your home no matter how often you dust. Dust comes some somewhere, so rest assured you may be able to manage it. Dust is primarily made up from dirt pollen, dead skin cells, pet or people hair, pet dander, and other small particles. Pets When pets come back in [...]

DIY Plumbing Toolbox

There are times when you may need to make a quick fix yourself on your pipes so its important to have the right tools in your toolbox. Use this helpful guide to stock your tool box and understand what each is best used for. Flashlight You will be dealing in small, dark spaces when working on most of your pipes. [...]

Common Solutions To A Noisy A/C

Noisy air conditioners can make it difficult to relax at home and sometimes can be a sign of a problem with the unit, which can worsen if you try to ignore the noise. Other times, simple fixes can cure your noisy HVAC problem. Lubrication An air conditioner is made up of moving parts and moving parts require lubrication. When the [...]

3 Water Heater Problems

Water heaters make up a large part of your plumbing system. It connects to all pipes going to sinks, showers, tubs, dishwasher, and other appliances. It provides us the hot showers we enjoy at the end of a long day. It allows us to wash our clothes and dishes. Without one, we would be living in the past, so if [...]

Cleaning Your Evaporator Coil

Routine maintenance is a must when you have an air conditioner or HVAC unit. In addition to annual or bi-annual inspection by a professional, your ac unit requires the replacement or cleaning of parts every one to three months, and sometimes only as needed. Air filters need to be replaced every 1-3 months depending on how dirty they are. The [...]

Why Does My Kitchen Sink Smell?

Fouls smells haunting you in your kitchen even after you have cleaned and taken out the trash? The culprit my surprise you – your kitchen sink. Most likely food particles can find themselves trapped in the pipes or in your disposal if you have one. Another possible culprit is gas escaping from a drain trap or vent and making its [...]

All About That PEX

PEX piping is made from a high-density Polyethylene with cross linked bonds in the polymers structure. This means it has improved elevated temperature properties making it ideal for plumbing. PEX piping is the newest and greatest thing to hit the plumbing industry. Here is a general breakdown of PEX piping and how it compares to other plumbing options, including another [...]

Common Freon Questions

Freon is a refrigerant that is used in central air conditioners that is responsible for cooling the air. It is also considered to be an Ozone depleting agent and therefore only licensed individuals may handle the chemical. Here are a few common questions we receive about Freon. How do I know if my air conditioning unit is low on Freon? [...]

Choosing The Right Air Filter For You

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. This is because the same air is being cycled through the home which is why air filters are an important aspect of your HVAC system as is regular maintenance of them. Air filters clean the air in your home by [...]

Types of Pipes & Their Pros and Cons

There are a few different materials that your pipes may be made out of – some of which may require you to replace due to the dangers that it poses. Luckily there are several viable options to choose from when repiping your home. Each type of material has its benefits and flaws. Here is a thorough list of available metal [...]

Ensure Better Air Quality With Your HVAC System

Most people think they should stay indoors in order to avoid the pollutants in the outdoor air but indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than fresh air according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Poor air quality inside your home can cause you to have cold-like symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose or congestion, headaches, [...]

Are Chemical Clog Removers Safe?

“Just because it goes down the drain, doesn't mean its gone.” Clogged pipes can occur from a number of reasons like hair going down the tub drain or food particles going down the kitchen sink. Clogs are common enough, so why call the plumber every time? You can try to fix the clog yourself through a few easy steps and [...]

Top Three Heating and Cooling Mistakes

Heating and cooling your home makes up of about 50% of your energy bill so making a few adjustments in your habits can save you a lot of money. Here are three of the top heating and cooling mistakes most people make. Trying to heat or cool your home faster Maybe you heard that turning the air up while you [...]

Clogged Toilet?

Unclogging your toilet can be a very simple task – a few pumps with the plunger and its gone. However, not all clogs are that easy and there are a few tips to keep in mind. Never use a store bought clog remover to unclog a toilet. Clog removers are designed to enter the stopped up drain but since the [...]

Ten Common HVAC Repairs in the Winter

Just like your air conditioner seems most likely to break down during the high temperatures of the summer; so also will your heater break down on the coldest days of the year. Here are ten of the most common issues that could be facing your furnace this winter. Filthy Filter: Changing the filters in a timely manner will help keep [...]

Water Heater Maintenance

With the following water heater maintenance suggestions, you can extend the lifespan of your water heater while possibly shaving off a few dollars in your energy bills. Set the Proper Temperature The average temperature setting for a standard water heater is around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your water heater at this temperature or at the manufacturer's recommended temperature can help [...]

Noisy Pipes a Problem?

Creaking, rattling, roaring, and groaning noises coming from your pipes will definitely make you wonder what is happening within your walls. If any of these sounds are coming from your plumbing, try one (or all) of these easy fixes to see if they solve your problem. If not, give us a call today for a solution to your noisy pipes. [...]

“On” vs “Auto” Settings

Ever wonder when if it is best to keep the fan constantly running or to switch the setting to auto? You are not alone – many have wondered which is best. Use this guide of pros and cons of each setting to determine which setting is best for you. Setting The Fan To “ON” Whether the heat is on or [...]

Finding the Right Thermostat

Updating your thermostat can help you manage the amount of energy you use and help make your home more comfortable. Here is a quick buyers guide to help you find the perfect thermostat for your home. 1.Programmable A programmable thermostat allows the user to program the temperature that they want for a specified amount of time. You could set the [...]

Advantages of electric water heaters over gas water heaters

Consumers have many alternatives when it comes to water heater replacement. Traditional water heaters can hold up to 80 gallons of hot water in a large storage container. When hot water is being used, cold water enters underneath of the tank and is then heated to a preset heat. This ensures that the storage tank is always filled with water. [...]

Advantages to a Heat Pump in Your Home

In Florida and other southern states, a heat pump is a great alternative heating method for the home. While furnaces and boilers are great for homes that experience below freezing temperatures during the winter, they are not necessary for warmer climates with mild winters. Heat pumps can be used for a dual, heating/cooling purpose and they work best in temperatures [...]

4 Advantages of Having a Tankless Toilet

  Millions of households and commercial properties in the world are switching to tankless toilets. The conventional toilet is not yet a thing of the past, but the growing popularity of tankless toilet is surely unnerving its omnipresence.  It's common for homeowners to be conscious of their energy consumption.  Water is a form of energy, although we consider it more [...]

4 Benefits of HVAC Repair and Service

1.Improved Energy Efficiency. The use of good HVAC equipment that is regularly serviced can result in substantial еnеrgу, еmiѕѕiоnѕ аnd cost savings of bеtwееn 10%-40%-ассоrding to Whole Building Design Guideline, a program of the National Company of Building Sciences.  So why not the give your equipment the ability to operate at peak performance, while benefitting from lowered regular monthly utility [...]

5 Common Causes of Broken Pipes In your Homes

Damaged pipes never present a good situation for a homeowner, they cause water leaks and increase your expenses. If you are lucky, you will notice the issue immediately.  Some symptoms such as a reduced water рrеѕѕurе, indiсаtе thаt a leak iѕ damaging the base of your house creating a hazardous environment for mold and mildew. In this article, we will [...]

Is HVAC Hurting You?

Feeling sick? Your HVAC system could be making you worse. According to a study done by the EPA, indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside! And bad indoor air quality can cause numerous flu-like symptoms such as: Runny nose Sore, dry or scratchy throat Itchy, watery or irritated eyes Sneezing Congestion Headaches Fatigue [...]

How to prevent Plumbing Leaks

We all love a plumbing system that works, because it makes life easy as far as dispensing and draining water are concerned. Nevertheless, no plumbing system is free from plumbing problems including leaks, so you need to pay attention to your system to ensure that it is fully operational throughout. Learning to stop plumbing leaks is important. As we all [...]

5 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Keeping things cool during the summer days is only feasible with an air conditioning unit. In case your cold air has suddenly becomes hot and gross, there's a problem. From unusual noises to even unfamiliar smells are few signs that it is time to call HVAC repair company to make your home cool again. The following five signs will tell [...]

DIY or Professional Plumbers?

Have you tried everything you know about plumbing to unblock a clogged kitchen or bathroom drain or even a toilet? You may be keen on DIY projects, but the time will come when you need to give in and call professional plumbers to get the job done for you.  Still not convinced that you need a plumber? Below are some [...]

Why should I call a plumber?

Whenever you find yourself faced with a leaky tap or pipe, most likely you are going to look for plumbers to resolve the problem for you. They can give you a superb service that is so important anytime you are facing these serious plumbing problems. However, many people today take these plumbers for granted because they do not offer the [...]

4 Dangers of HVAC

Dangers of inhaling Freon gas Freon is the name for a class of chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs, used mainly in refrigeration and air conditioning. Freon and other refrigerants are harmful and can cause poisoning and even death. HVAC service workers happen to be at risk due to occupational exposure, although exposure most often occurs during deliberately sniffing the gas. [...]

5 Most Common Plumbing Problems

No problem is as difficult to fix as the problems that hamper the working of a good plumbing system. Whilst your plumbing system was originally meant to provide you comfort and ease, its problems can ԛuiсklу take you оut of your соmfоrt zоnе. Many оf thеѕе  plumbing problems could be dealt with simply by repairing, replacing, or installing various domestic [...]

3 Types of HVAC Condensors

What is a Condensor? A condenser is a device used to liquefy gas simply by cooling it. In an HVAC equipment, the hot discharge gas (refrigerant vapor) from the compressor enters the condenser coils at the top and is condensed, drains out of the condenser to a recipient located near the bottom. The condenser coil is located along with the [...]

Are Flushable Wipes Flushable?

The Package Says Flushable!! Sure, flushable wipes are probably okay to flush once or twice, but this definitely does not mean they should be repeatedly flushed down the toilet. What’s the Difference? While they may feel better than traditional toilet paper, flushable wipes do not breakdown the same. Manufacturers of flushable wipes may claim that they can be flushed and [...]

4 Steps to prepairing your Air Conditioner for Tampa’s winter.

Ask anybody in Tampa and they will tell you: you haven’t seen a winter like a Tampa winter. Where the north states may have their share of heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, that at least, provides a constant. In Tampa, temperatures range widely. One week might bring temperatures in the 80s while you might see frost on your lawn and temperatures dropping [...]

Hazards of Not Changing Air Filters

Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system help maintain good indoor air quality by adequate ventilation using filtration and provides thermal comfort. Good air filtration and proper care for your HVAC system is going to result in better conditions and air quality for residents of the building and will also enhance the performance and durability of the HVAC system. There are [...]

Why is my overflow pipe leaking?

Any kind of leak is worrisome. Your roof could be leaking, you may have a leaking pipe in your kitchen, your overflow pipe may leak and you may even have leaking tanks, appliances and gutters. Leaks can be very serious because they can lead to moisture damage. Even if you can manage to prevent flooding, you may not succeed at [...]

5 Steps to Increasing The Lifespan of Your A/C Unit

It can get hot in the sunshine state. Floridians know just how important a functioning air conditioner is for their homes. That’s why it is important to maintain your AC unit on a regular basis, not only to keep cool, but to avoid costs of repair and also to cut down on your monthly energy bill. While homeowners are not [...]

How long will my toilet last?

A toilet is an essential part of any home. You probably can’t imagine your home without one, but due to the nature of toilets, they are an often over-looked appliance. It’s not usually the first thing that comes to mind during a home renovation. Though most homeowners probably have never asked, “Just how long will my toilet last?” or, “Is [...]

My Air Conditioner Was Damaged During The Storms

What Should I Do When My HVAC Unit Is Damaged By Floods Or Storms? What does a flood, a blizzard, a rainstorm, or a hailstorm have in common? All of them can cause a variety of problems with your home in the aftermath. This includes damage to your HVAC unit. There are several different ways in which one of these [...]

How To Lower My Water Bill

Why is my water bill so high? A high water bill is discomforting for more than one reason. It is obvious that your wallet would feel the pinch and you would want to prevent that dent. A high water bill clearly indicates that you are using more water or wasting water. This is concerning as water wastage should be taken [...]

What Causes Drain Backup?

Drains serve a very significant purpose and yet they are among the most neglected fixtures. Not many people are interested in finding out the health and condition of the drains. Whether it is the drain in the bathroom or toilet, whether it is the one connected to the kitchen sink or the main drain connected to the city sewer line, [...]

Why Are My Air Ducts Dirty?

Why do air ducts get dirty? Air conditioning systems come with filters. The filters are supposed to prevent dust and dirt from entering the system and hence the cooled air being circulated is relatively clean and fresh. It has little or no particulate matter and pollutants or allergens. That works in theory. It is an ideal scenario. In the real [...]

My Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air

Why is my air conditioner blowing hot air? An air conditioner is supposed to blow and circulate cool air. Why does it blow hot air? Just as a heater may not heat the indoor air and you may continue to feel the chill, an air conditioner may fail to cool your indoor air and you may have hot air blowing [...]

My Water Is Brown

Why is My Water Brown? Have you ever turned the faucet in your bathroom or the tap on your sink and found brown water? If you haven’t, yet, it is only a matter of time. Every homeowner has the day when one has to wonder, why is my water brown? Let us begin with a caveat. Your water may be [...]

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

The air conditioner is supposed to circulate cool air. It is not supposed to leak water but every once in a while you would find your air conditioner leaking water. It is not normal but it is not uncommon. Before we delve into the details of why your air conditioner is leaking water, let us understand the difference between condensation [...]

My Toilet is flushing twice

Why does my toilet flush twice? There are some pesky things at home that you may be willing to live with. The odd mouse or rat, a lazy lizard, a few flies or the ants. You may be willing to stay put with your now deformed pillow and still be able to find comfort when you mess it up just [...]

Why does my bathroom smell bad?

You can be comfortable in a cluttered living room, you may be too tired to change the sheets and yet crash on the bed without any reluctance, you can deal with odd smells while landscaping and can always deal with some rather unpleasant stuff when you are cleaning your home. But you cannot be at peace with a smelly bathroom. [...]

Why Is My Faucet Leaking?

Learning About The Common Causes For Your Leaky Faucet Faucets are one of the most crucial aspects of a home's structure and homeowners who fail to maintain are placing themselves at risk for serious damages. In addition to disrupting our sleeping patterns, a leaky faucet also serves to increase the cost of our utility bills and cause annoying disturbances in [...]

Easy Plumbing Tips

Plumbing Maintenance Made Easy The old saying “A stitch in time, saves nine,” is and adage that applies to plumbing maintenance around your home. Simple regular maintenance checks will keep everything flowing without issue. Don’t wait until leaks become expensive floods. In case of emergencies make sure you know where and how to shut off the main water supply to [...]

What Can I Put in My Garbage Disposal?

Don’t Rubbish your Garbage Disposal Unit Garbage disposal units are one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen yet often taken for granted and treated thoughtlessly. With a small amount of care and consideration, any garbage disposal will work well for years. Regular prudent use also actually helps to keep corrosion at bay and prevents accumulation of sticky problems. [...]

General Hvac Maintenance And Tips

When it comes to keeping our homes at the proper temperature, HVAC systems are the unsung heroes. However, the inner workings of these systems can be difficult for the layperson to manage, which is why it is important to properly maintain them. Otherwise, a homeowner is forced to foot the bill for costly repairs. By following these general tips for [...]

Don’t Get an Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan until you Read This!

Getting an air conditioner maintenance plan is more beneficial for your home and for your business than you might realize.  Proper maintenance is going to ensure the longevity of your systems and hassle-free performance so that’s going to serve you to its fullest potential. However, getting the best plan is quite challenging so let’s take a look at what to [...]

What Is A Good Seer Rating?

There are many indicators that would help you to pick the right air conditioning system or HVAC unit. You may be drawn by the energy rating. It is always recommended to buy nothing short of three stars. Most energy analysts suggest you buy an air conditioning system or HVAC unit that has five stars, especially if you intend to use [...]

What Does HVAC Mean?

HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. You are obviously aware of heaters or heating appliances, air conditioners or air conditioning systems and ventilators or ventilation systems. Imagine a large appliance that does all three. That would be an HVAC. However, you should not think HVAC as one appliance that has three isolated or disassociated appliances. HVAC [...]

What Not to Flush

Just because it fits into the drain hole, doesn’t mean it should be flushed down it.  Far too often, items find their way into toilets and drains and cause an adverse effect on our home’s plumbing system and sewage tanks.  These items also end up in our city or town’s wastewater treatment plants and aquatic habitats.  If you want to [...]

Smart Thermostat Reviews

A smart thermostat isn’t just convenient, it can save energy – and saving energy equates to saving money.  It also offers the potential for some cool integration.  If you upgrade from a basic thermostat to a smart thermostat, the first and most life-changing difference will be the ability to control it remotely.  Today’s thermostats can be remotely accessed from your [...]

Brass vs Copper vs PVC Pipes

Which is best for your health - brass, copper or PVC?  The use of copper piping in home construction in the US started in the early 1960’s. By 1970, it was the material of choice among plumbers. It is estimated that 98% of homes built after 1970 have copper pipes. Despite public perception that copper pipes last forever, the average [...]

What Does AC Repair Cost?

Air conditioning issues happen to all of us; it’s a fate we cannot escape. For that reason, it is best to equip yourself, not only with some HVAC knowledge, but also with some service and parts fees. Here are a few of the more common AC issues and their related repair or replacement costs. Flat rate on all residential calls: [...]

If Plumbing Could Kill, It Would Be with Backflow and Back Siphonage.

When we turn the faucet on in our homes, we assume that the water is safe to drink, but that is not always the case.  Water in the home normally flows in one direction, but under certain circumstances, it can flow in another direction.  This alternate direction is called “backflow”.  Backflow happens when there is a change in water pressure, [...]

Don’t Get an Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan Until You Read This!

Before you get a HVAC maintenance plan, it's important to know what is customary, what your options are, and approximate pricing. Getting routine air conditioning maintenance may seem like an unnecessary and costly nuisance, but in actuality, having a skilled technician examine your air conditioner can help with identifying potential problems. When diagnosed early, you can save a significant amount [...]

How Not to Overspend on Home AC Units

Purchasing a new AC unit can feel like an overwhelming tasks. What size unit do you need? Which brand is better? Is there a warranty? Not only are the options vast, they are also very expensive.  Although you can choose the AC unit you want, most HVAC companies will recommend a unit based on the relationships or incentives they have [...]

Save Yourself Some Big Headaches With These 9 Plumbing Leak Tips

You may not know exactly what is right with your pipes, but you can quickly spot what is wrong. You don’t need to be an experienced plumber to know when you have a plumbing issue.  There is a level of common sense that goes into doing a basic inspection of your pipes.  Take a look at the visible pipes in [...]

Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Air conditioners always seem to break down when we need them to work the most. One of the more common summertime air conditioner problems is a frozen unit. When the unit freezes, it literally coats the coil in with a sheet of ice. The ice blocks airflow and thus the air conditioner stops working. Although this can be a very [...]

What Does An AC Tune Up Include?

As important as it is to get an annual AC tune-up, it is equally important to know what that tune-up entails. You’ll want to make sure that when you hire someone to look at your air conditioner, that they are doing a concise review of your unit. A complete AC tune-up should include: A thorough cleaning of the condenser coils [...]

21 Florida Summer-Time Energy-Saving Tips

If you live in Florida, you know how hot it can get in the summer time. There are many things you can do to save energy during those hot summer months. Following these tips will save you money and energy, while still allowing you to keep cool. Set AC Thermostat as High as Possible You should set your AC thermostat [...]

AC Not Blowing Cold Air? What It Means and What to Do

There’s never a good time for your AC to stop blowing cold air. Odds are that this will happen at the most inconvenient time. If you find that your AC is not blowing cold air, you’ll need to have the unit looked at by a HVAC specialist. Running the AC unit while it is not functioning properly can further damage [...]

What is Re-piping & Should I Re-pipe My House?

Re-piping is a complete replacement of all of the water pipes in your plumbing system due to pipe degradation. Cracks can be a sign of weakened pipes; these pipes can break all at once or slowly over time. Regardless, they are a sign that the integrity of the home is compromised. When you are re-piping your water line, you are [...]

Tampa’s 5 Biggest Plumbing Scams

Regardless of where you live, at some point everyone will experience plumbing problems and will need to call a plumber to fix them. A phone call to a plumber, can result in you getting swindled, which is why it is essential to inform yourself on their process. We’ve created a list of the seven biggest plumbing scams that people in [...]

What to Do In Case Of Emergency Water Leaks

Many homeowners seem to panic when they hear they have water problems in their home, especially water leaks. However, by simply following a few easy to manage tips, you can help keep a leak under control in your home and save you lots of money. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that by simply repairing a faucet that [...]

12 Plumbing Tricks of the Trade for Advanced DIY Plumbing

If you are hands on and prefer to handle your own repairs, or you just want to save money, there are some plumbing tricks that you can use. For those of us that dare to take plumbing issues into our own hands, here are some pro-tips to help you be successful and make your life a little easier. Faulty Shutoff [...]

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