Sure, flushable wipes are probably okay to flush once or twice, but this definitely does not mean they should be repeatedly flushed down the toilet.

What’s the Difference?

While they may feel better than traditional toilet paper, flushable wipes do not break down the same.

Manufacturers of flushable wipes may claim that they can be flushed and you may see them go down with no problems, but the real damage is done inside the plumbing and sewage lines.

Flushable wipes can become entangled with hair, dirt and other debris creating a wad. Often these wads are unable to pass through sewage lines, clogging.  This can easily lead to an unnecessary expense causing you to have to call a plumber.

This can also create a back-flow of sewage water that may end up forcing its way up through manholes and other drainage access areas, which can cause issues for the entire neighborhood.

Homeowners should even exercise caution with flushing traditional toilet paper. Introducing too much wadded up toilet paper lessens the likelihood of it breaking down and can result in the same problem as flushable wipes.

Paying attention to what you are flushing can save you a potentially expensive headache!