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Here in Florida, air conditioning is one of the most essential aspects of the home experience. If you can’t cool down the air in your house, it can cause more problems than mere discomfort. It actually gets hot enough in the summer to cause heat exhaustion or heat stroke if you have no way to counteract the temperature of the outside air.

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Air Conditioning

There are several things that can be done if you find that your air system isn’t adequate. You can get an existing system repaired or have it tuned up, or you can upgrade to a better system. You may also decide to change the type of system you’re using; for example, you can switch window air conditioners and get a central air system instead.

Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

If you already have an air conditioner, but it isn’t doing its job like it used to, A/C repair is typically in order. This involves diagnosing the problem, replacing any failed parts, and testing the system to make sure that it is now working properly.

Often, poor air conditioning performance is caused by low levels of refrigerant in the system. While adding more refrigerant may work as a quick fix, we strongly suggest getting the job done right. Have us track down and fix the leak that allowed the old refrigerant to escape. Then, you won’t have to get repeated recharges to keep your home cool. Properly repairing leaks is also better for the environment since the refrigerant will then stay where it is supposed to.

In some cases, we recommend replacing a poorly-performing air conditioner instead of repairing it. This is especially true if your machine is old or has given you repeated troubles.

air conditioner replacement

Air Conditioner Replacement

Replacing your air conditioner is advisable when it’s old, inefficient compared to newer models, or too small for effective cooling. Another reason for replacement is if your current unit requires frequent repairs.

Old air conditioners are less efficient due to technological advancements in energy efficiency and wear and tear on older machines, making new ones more powerful even with proper maintenance. Smaller units are often chosen for cost savings but can result in inadequate cooling. If your home consistently feels too hot, consider having us assess your A/C unit’s suitability for your space and potentially recommend an upgrade.

Whether you’ve been using window air conditioners or need a more efficient central air system, we offer various options for installing a new air conditioning system, including mini-splits that require no ductwork, catering to homes without existing ducts.

Ac Maintenance / System Checkup

Air Conditioning Maintenance

One of the most essential services we offer is air conditioning maintenance. This is so important because it keeps the need for repairs to a minimum. It also keeps your system running at the most efficient level possible. Maintenance increases the comfort level inside your home, as well.

During this service, we clean your system and give it a tune-up so that friction and other sources of inefficiency are reduced. We also check for emerging problems, so you can have them fixed before they become expensive emergencies.

Services for AC Systems

To have your air conditioner repaired, replaced, or professionally maintained, just contact us. We offer both standard and emergency service, and handle residential and commercial AC needs. We’re Alvarez Plumbing & AC, and we serve Tampa and the surrounding areas.

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