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If you are looking for a trusted plumbing company, then look no further. Alvarez Plumbing has served the Tampa Bay area since 1976 offering transparent services, written estimates, prompt timing, and great customer service. We are available for all of your residential plumbing needs and projects. With more than 40 years of experience as one of Tampa’s best plumbing companies, we have seen and can handle it all. For no surprises, call Alvarez Plumbing Company today!

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Residential Plumbing Company Services

It’s easy to take plumbing for granted, but very few of us would want to live without running water. Fortunately, you can always turn to the pros at Alvarez Plumbing for a wide range of residential repairs and improvements. We serve homeowners, landlords, and condo owners throughout the Tampa area. 

Regardless of whether you have a leaky faucet, clogged pipes, or a toilet that won’t flush, you can rely on the experts at our residential plumbing company to find an effective solution. For example, you might drop a valuable piece of jewelry down a sink drain. We can check the pipe’s P-trap and recover your lost item if possible. A professional knows how to accomplish this safely and efficiently without creating a big mess in the process.

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Fixing Leaks

If the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom sink starts leaking, be sure to take action. The USGS drip calculator reveals that a faucet wastes around 139 gallons per year when it drips just once every 15 seconds! A few minor leaks can have a big impact on your water bill or the energy consumption of a well pump. They might also produce bothersome noise and promote mold growth in the basin. Our plumbing experts fix and replace a wide variety of faucets.

A pipe leak can cause much greater harm. Among other things, it could damage walls, insulation, carpeting, flooring, and ceiling tiles. You may also face mold problems or an enormous water bill. If a major leak occurs, turn off the main valve and contact Alvarez Plumbing for emergency repairs. 

We also offer leak detection, a service that can locate small or hidden leaks before they become severe. Our staff will determine if your home consumes more water than you actually use.

Drain Cleaning

If a drain becomes clogged or takes a long time to release water, a residential plumber can assist you. We have the skills and equipment needed to tackle the plugged shower, toilet, appliances, and sink drains. 

If your home’s sewer line becomes clogged, we’ll use a cable or high-pressure water to eliminate the blockage without any digging. Our drain cleaning equipment banishes almost any obstruction, including tree roots and heavy grease deposits. We also inspect the line’s interior with a video camera.

Water Heaters

Many water heaters serve homeowners for about a decade before they need replacement. Tankless units often last twice as long, according to Bob Vila. You can extend the life of your water heater by turning to a professional for regular maintenance and prompt repairs.

We fix both gas and electric models. If we can’t repair your heater, you can rely on us to install an efficient, reliable new unit.

Water Softeners

Our residential plumbing company doesn’t only fix and replace equipment. We also provide services that enhance your plumbing system. For instance, our water softeners can banish excess minerals from tap water. This stops “hard water” from shortening your water heater’s lifespan. It may improve the appearance of your hair, skin, and clothing as well. Additionally, a softener could enhance the taste of your water and the foods cooked with it. You’ll probably also find that you spend less time cleaning bathtubs and sinks.

New Pipes with Residential Plumbing Company

In some situations, it makes sense to completely replace old or damaged plumbing rather than trying to fix it. This can prevent costly leaks and boost the resale value of a home. It may also reduce your exposure to hazardous substances. As many as 10 million U.S. residential buildings and schools still have lead pipes, according to NBC News. Some older materials are also more prone to breakage. Our repiping experts can solve all of these problems.

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If you face a major leak, none of your sinks will drain or the water completely stops running, your home needs prompt attention. The good news is that Alvarez Plumbing can send a highly skilled plumber to your residence at any time of day or night. We even offer emergency services on the weekend. When you have less urgent plumbing needs, you can save money by scheduling a standard service call before the problem gets worse. We’ll try to set up a convenient appointment time that fits your schedule.

When your home’s pipes or water fixtures need professional attention, contact Alvarez Plumbing. Our Tampa-area residential plumbing company benefits from over four decades of experience. We employ a staff of more than 70 talented individuals, so you can count on us to quickly meet your needs at any hour. Please call today to request service, obtain a quote or get answers to any plumbing questions you may have.

Learn More About How Our Expert Plumbers Can Help You

As a Tampa Plumbing Company, we offer complete residential kitchen and bathroom plumbing services. Whether you have a specific plumbing need in mind or need emergency plumbing service, our expert plumbers are here to help. With 70+ employees and 45+ vehicles, we provide 24/7 emergency services to the Tampa Bay area. All of our technicians are background-checked and certified in all the latest plumbing products, techniques, and standards.

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