4 Steps to Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Tampa’s Winter

Ask anybody in Tampa and they will tell you that you haven’t seen a winter like a Tampa winter. Where the northern states may have their share of heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, that at least, provides a constant. In Tampa, temperatures range widely. One week might bring temperatures in the 80s, while you might see frost on your lawn and temperatures dropping into the mid-40s another week.

As residents of the Tampa Bay area switch the thermostat back-and-forth from heat to cool, this can cause a real strain on a home’s HVAC system. Homeowners should prep their HVAC units for the uncertainties of Florida winters.

You may be wondering how you can prevent added strain to your AC unit for the winter months. Here are a few basic tips for making sure your HVAC system is ready for the change in season.

  1. Timely Air Filter Changes

During the summer months, when most Floridians are running their HVAC systems regularly, it can be easy to keep on track with scheduled air filter changes for AC units.

In winter months, there might be several weeks of weather cool enough to keep the windows open during the day, yet not cold enough to turn on the heat at night. This may mean that an air conditioning unit does not get used for a while.

With sporadic use, homeowners might forget the last time they changed their air filters. With regular HVAC use, air filters should be changed every 1-2 months.

Clean air filters are important for proper airflow through a unit as well as the circulation of healthy air.

  1. Program Thermostats

During winter months when heating is necessary, it is important to reprogram a thermostat to proper energy and comfort settings.

Homeowners should check their thermostat settings to accommodate changes to outside temperatures.

  1. Keep Home Temperatures Consistent

One of the worst things for HVAC systems is the strain of regulating a consistent temperature. Homeowners should make sure to turn their air conditioner unit off if leaving windows open.

With changes in outside temperature, AC units must work twice as hard to meet the preset internal temperatures.

  1. Scheduled Maintenance Check-Ups

One of the most important steps that homeowners can take in ensuring their air conditioner units are functioning properly is scheduling regular maintenance and service check-ups for the home’s HVAC system.

Typically HVAC system maintenance checks are scheduled annually. This once a year check-up will improve the functioning capacity of the units and prevent against future ac repair issues that might arise.

In some instances, where a home’s HVAC system is being used on more than a regular basis, scheduled maintenance checks may need to be scheduled more than once per year. This might be the case for multi-family dwellings or homes with high-occupancy.