Quality Commercial Water Heater Installation

Since 1976, we’ve been operating in the Tampa area, bringing quality plumbing services to businesses owners with needs of all kinds. The demand for hot water in any commercial establishment is critical. Our quality commercial water heater installation services rise to the occasion for business owners who need reliable hot water services for their customers, staff and production of their product.

When Is It Time to Get a New Commercial Water Heater?

You may know when it’s time to get a new commercial water heater, but here are some signs to watch for. 

You’re Spending More on Repairs

How often does your water heater need to be serviced? Is the demand for repair going up? When it is repaired, is it costly? How does this compare to the cost of maintaining your water heater five years ago? Rising repair costs are a sign that your water heater unit will soon need to be replaced. Pay attention to how often your water heater is breaking and how much repair it needs when the repair is required. 

Your Water Heater is Decades Old

Most commercial water heaters will last approximately 20 years, but it depends on the unit, the demand for hot water, how well it’s been maintained, and other factors. In general, if your commercial water heater is 20 years old or older, then it’s time for a new one. 

Don’t wait until your water heater has gone out to try to replace it. A broken water heater can mean letting down your tenants, staff, clients, or customers. Getting a new water heater before that happens can help keep your business running, your customers happy and your production needs to be met. 

Your Needs Have Changed

Sometimes businesses need new a water heater when their needs change. If your water heater no longer meets the demand of your growing and thriving commercial enterprise, then it may be time to get a new water heater. Getting a heater can help meet your increasing demand. 

This is important if your building has recently been expanded, or your production has been increased. Talk to Alvarez Plumbing & A/C to find out more about how we can meet your needs and install a commercial water heater that will help your business. 

Your Utility Bills Are Rising

When your water heater starts to fail, it may need to run longer and harder in order to keep up with the demand for hot water. This can lead to rising utility bills and increased costs for your business. Installing an energy-efficient water heater can help control costs.