Plumbing Video Inspection

Alvarez Plumbing aims to provide ultra-satisfying plumbing services. When it comes to guaranteeing the quality of our service, we utilize one of our most valuable tools, video camera inspection. Using the waterproof camera, our plumbing technicians are able to identify the underlying plumbing problem. This solution is accurate and efficient in every home when the camera is placed correctly inside the sewer lines.  If you are suspecting an unexplained plumbing issue, do not hesitate to schedule an inspection today!

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plumbing video inspection

Why Do You Need Plumbing Video Inspection?

No More Costly Repair

With this technology, plumbers no longer need to perform multiple trial and error work to precisely diagnose the cause of sewer malfunctions. By inserting the camera, you can see a clear picture of what is inside the plumbing lines to discover various possible issues such as corrosions, clogs, broken pipes, and leaky joints.

Potential Home Inspection

Before purchasing a house, you want to make sure plumbing problems are not included in your deal. However, keep in mind that a standard home inspection mostly does not include a plumbing video inspection. Planning a pre-purchase inspection will free you from headaches if defects are found after you move in.

Monitor Septic System

Maintaining the health of your septic system is important. Do not wait to call for repairs and maintenance when the issue could have been solved on an earlier stage. Perform a regular plumbing video inspection to avoid higher costs in the future.

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