Residential Air Conditioning Tune-Up

You wouldn’t think of driving your car for 18 hours a day, everyday, without every changing the oil or performing other maintenance, right? In order to get the best efficiency and the longest lifespan out your air conditioning unit, you have to maintain it! AC maintenance plans offer one the best cost-saving returns of all things you could do for your home or business. Why? Here’s a short list:

  • Maximize the Energy Efficiency – Like anything else, HVAC units degrade over time and become less efficient. We can help you to keep it running like “a well-oiled machine”.
  • Reduce Costly Breakdowns – The cost of breakdown due to maintenance neglect can be 7 times more than the cost of maintenance plans. Would you rather spend $1 maintaining it or $7 fixing it?
  • Maintain Your Home Comfort – Ever notice how people’s AC tend to fail at the worst times? That’s because older and neglected units typically fail on the hottest days, because they can no longer handle the stress of working harder to keep things cool.
  • Help The Environment – Reducing energy consumption also helps the environment by reducing carbon dioxide production. Diagnosing refrigerant leaks can also benefit the environment enormously.
  • Extend The Life of Your System – Anything that’s taken care of will outlast anything that’s neglected. Statistically speaking, a unit with regular service and maintenance will last 3-4 years longer. But hey, if you want to buy a new unit every few years, we’ll be glad to sell you one! But, why spend all that money buying a new unit, when maintenance is so cheap!

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