Bathroom Faucet Installation

Over time caulking can wear down and need replacing. If you are replacing sink hardware, you need to reapply the caulking.


If a rattling sound is emitted within your walls when you turn your faucet on, there is a chance that a pipe came loose from its strap or bracket that held it in place. Attempt to locate where the sound is originating from. If you are lucky, the loose bracket is in an exposed, easy to reach area. Reattach or add another bracket to secure the pipe back to its resting place. If you are less lucky, the loose pipe is behind the wall. If you don’t want to tear down a section of wall, you can check to see if the pipe leads to an exposed area where you can wedge padding between the pipe and wall to stop the rattling.


If a banging sound comes from within your walls when you turn off a faucet, you could have a very serious issue at hand. Water hammer is when the water flow is abruptly stopped by a faucet or shut-off valve. The water hits the stopping point and is rebounded back through the pipe, making a hammering sound. Clearing your system, like you would if there were air in the pipes, could solve the issue. If the sound continues, contact us today.

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