Commercial Odor Detection

Any kind of unpleasant odor in your bathroom or kitchen is very off-putting.

Don’t ignore the smell in your bathroom!

Bathrooms are among the most multi-utilitarian places in a property. From brushing your teeth to shaving, bathing to myriad kinds of grooming, the bathroom is your private space, where you need to be comfortable, and you would have to use it multiple times a day and night. You certainly don’t want to be welcomed by some foul odor when you enter your bathroom. One, it is just unpleasant. Two, it is a sign that something is not right or is perhaps horribly wrong.

You can always use some kind of air freshener, or you may have some fragrances to mask the bad odors. But they would only conceal the smell and not really do anything to get rid of the smell. You wouldn’t smell the bad odor, but it is there. You would still be breathing in the stale air, which may contain some types of contaminants. Also, you would be ignoring the early signs of some problems, which may become a serious issue in no time.

Why does my kitchen smell so bad?

Fouls smells haunting you in your kitchen even after you have cleaned and taken out the trash? The culprit may surprise you – your kitchen sink. Food particles can find themselves trapped in the pipes or in your disposal, if you have one. Another possible culprit is gas escaping from a drain trap or vent and making its way up into your kitchen. Luckily, there are ways to attempt to solve this problem at home.

Our technicians are well equipped to handle stinky pipes and get your home back to normal, so if you are having an issue, contact us today for a solution to your problem.

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