Outdoor Faucet Repair

Most likely, you are using your faucet daily. Either washing your hands or washing dishes, your faucet is being used constantly, which increases your chances of the fixtures malfunctioning.

Plumbing Fixtures Need Regular Maintenance

Not fixing or replacing parts of your fixtures regularly can lead to major plumbing repair issues. Fixtures, including sinks, are connected to pipes. Pipes are essentially what people think of when they think of plumbing. Proper care and maintenance of fixtures can prevent clogs and leaks in the future.

Don’t Clean Your Fixtures with Regular Soap

Some fixtures can actually be damaged by the ingredients of traditional hand soap, like brass fixtures for instance. Brass fixtures should be cleaned with a mixture of lemon and baking soda to avoid tarnish and to still kill germs. Check with the product manual (if you still have it) for proper cleaning methods. You can always test a cleaner on a non-visible side of the fixture for possible reactions.

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