We all love a plumbing system that works, because it makes life easy, as far as dispensing and draining water are concerned. Nevertheless, no plumbing system is free from plumbing problems including leaks, so you need to pay attention to your system to ensure that it is fully operational throughout.

Learning to stop plumbing leaks is important. As we all know, leaks can be quite damaging especially when they go unnoticed and they are not handled quickly. The possibility of flooding anytime there is a leakage is very possible. Obviously, it can damage your structures and may even bring about health issues.

Major Causes of Plumbing Leaks

Clogs: Drainage clogs are the major contributors when it comes to plumbing leaks; these could be as a result of hair, tissue paper, food, grease, toys and many others. When your pipes get clogged, drainage of water is quite slow which could result in leaking, or even worse, serious overflowing from bursts.

Condensation: Condensation could also lead to leakages; you need to ensure that your HVAC models have systems to deal with waste material water.

Sedimentation and Rusting: Sediments in water heaters can easily clog up the system and lead to water leaks.

Damaged pipes: Eventually, wearing out the pipes may lead to rusting.

Roots in pipes: Roots coming from surrounding trees could also burst open your pipes and result in clogs and leaks.

Plumbing Leak Prevention

Avoiding leaks from occurring, or perhaps destroying your home, is not a very hard. Adhere to the following to prevent plumbing leaks:

Keep your water pressure at a reasonable level

You won’t want to have the water pressure at an extremely low level, as this will make it hard to clean dishes or perhaps take a shower. While high water pressure might look as if it only has advantages, in the long run, it can put serious strain on your pipes, thereby reducing the life span of your plumbing system. All of the components of your plumbing system, such as valves and joints, are put under increased stress as water pressure escalates.

 Lag your pipes

When the temperature outside is below zero, any water logged in your plumbing system will certainly freeze and expand, which usually strains joints and can result in leaks when the water defrosts. There are a range of different methods you can use to prevent your plumbing from freezing and leaking, but one of the simplest and most effective is lagging them with pipe insulation. You can do this yourself, although it might be a bit of a lengthy procedure for an untrained person, and an expert contractor may be better-equipped intended for the task. Pipe insulation includes a number of additional benefits as well as preventing plumbing leaks. Among the key benefits of the product is usually its energy-saving potential. Pipe insulation works in a very similar way as a cavity wall and loft insulation; it prevents heat transfer. Thiѕ will kеер your соld water cold, and your hot water hot, thereby helping you reduce your electricity bills for decades.

Keep your boiler serviced

Ensuring that your boiler is regularly serviced will certainly allow you to find out  if there are underlying problems with the central heating system, before these types of problems become serious. Unless you have an annual boiler service, you might actually find out that the boiler warranty becomes invalid.

Know the location of your pipes

It may sound obvious, but a whole lot of plumbing emergencies happen when people рut a nаil оr screw in thе wall withоut firѕt сhесking to see what is within the wall. Drilling through your pipes might seem like a headache, but think how lucky you were that you did not drill through an electric wire instead!

It pays to maintain the plumbing system. You can sustain your plumbing system by changing old pipes, faucets, cleaners and seals whenever the need arises. You can also easily stop leaks by monitoring the water consumption. Know how much water you use monthly; likewise, keep an eye out for unaccounted consumption. Insulating your domestic plumbing system is important as it helps prevent the pipes from getting stuck, which is a major cause of leakages. We also recommend that you could have a scheduled plumbing repair service. This helps you to handle pending plumbing problems and usually keeps your system in a very good condition.

Plumbing leaks can be avoided by playing an active part in ensuring that your system is in great condition. It is recommended that you regularly inspect your homes for any plumbing leakages.