Residential Garbage Disposal Repair

What to do when you have a blocked garbage disposal?

Many people try to dispose of items that are hard for the grinder to deal with. Whenever we attempt to go through with this kind of waste products, the garbage disposal рiре uѕuаllу gеtѕ соngеѕtеd аnd сlоggеd. What you саn do to avoid this kind of blockage is to apply hot water initially throughout or concentrate on the softer waste products for grinding.

There are some myths about garbage disposals. One is using lemons to clean your garbage disposal.

The truth is lemons will make your disposal smell better, but they do not actually do any cleaning. Lemon peels are thick and hard to break up which can cause a clog. If your disposal is in need of cleaning, your best option is to turn off power to the disposal and take it apart for a thorough scrub.

Another myth about your garbage disposal is that running water while the disposal is on will help the waste go down.

Actually, no amount of water will prevent eventual clogs from the wrong types of food going down your disposal. Grease, fats, peels, and eggshells should never be put into the disposal because of their clog risk. Hard or thick food items can also damage the disposal.

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