April 2017 - Alvarez Plumbing & AC

April 2017


How Long Will My Toilet Last?

A toilet is an essential part of any home. You probably can’t imagine your home without one, but due to the nature of them, they are often overlooked appliances. It’s not usually the first thing that comes to mind during a home renovation. Although most homeowners probably have never asked, “Just how long will my toilet last?” or, “Is there

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My Air Conditioner Was Damaged During A Storm

What Should I Do When My HVAC Unit Is Damaged By Floods Or Storms? What does a flood, blizzard, rainstorm, or hailstorm have in common? All of them can cause a variety of problems with your home in the aftermath. This includes damage to your HVAC unit. There are several different ways in which one of these storm types can

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