May 2017 - Alvarez Plumbing & AC

May 2017


Why is My Overflow Pipe Leaking?

Any kind of leak is worrisome: your roof could be leaking, you may have a leaking pipe in your kitchen, your overflow pipe may leak, and you may even have leaking tanks, appliances, and gutters. Leaks can be very serious because they can lead to moisture damage. Even if you can manage to prevent flooding, you may not succeed at

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5 Steps to Increasing The Lifespan of Your AC Unit

It can get hot in the sunshine state. Floridians know just how important a functioning air conditioner is for their homes. That’s why it is important to maintain your AC unit on a regular basis, not only to keep cool, but to avoid costs of repair and also to cut down on your monthly energy bill. While homeowners are not

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