November 2017 - Alvarez Plumbing & AC

November 2017


Is HVAC Hurting You?

Feeling sick? Your HVAC system could be making you worse. According to a study done by the EPA, indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside! And bad indoor air quality can cause numerous flu-like symptoms such as: Runny nose Sore, dry or scratchy throat Itchy, watery or irritated eyes Sneezing Congestion Headaches Fatigue

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How to Prevent Plumbing Leaks

We all love a plumbing system that works, because it makes life easy as far as dispensing and draining water are concerned. Nevertheless, no plumbing system is free from plumbing problems including leaks, so you need to pay attention to your system to ensure that it is fully operational throughout. Learning to stop plumbing leaks is important. As we all

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