July 2016 - Alvarez Plumbing & AC

July 2016


How Not to Overspend on Home AC Units

Purchasing a new AC unit can feel like an overwhelming task. What size unit do you need? Which brand is better? Is there a warranty? Not only are the options vast, they are also very expensive.  Although you can choose the AC unit you want, most HVAC companies will recommend a unit based on the relationships or incentives they have

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Don’t Get an Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan Until You Read This!

Before you get a HVAC maintenance plan, it’s important to know what is customary, what your options are, and approximate pricing. Getting routine air conditioning maintenance may seem like an unnecessary and costly nuisance, but in actuality, having a skilled technician examine your air conditioner can help with identifying potential problems. When diagnosed early, you can save a significant amount

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