While a homeowner can perform some of the typical tasks, like changing the air filter every month, a professional should be used at least once per year to perform the more technical tasks that require specialized knowledge and equipment. Typical air conditioning maintenance should include the following:

  • Replace all air filters (filters provided by customer)
  • Check thermostat and replace battery, if needed
  • Rinse the drain line and apply mold inhibiting solution
  • Inspect and clean the condensing and evaporator coil
  • Inspect refrigerant lines for damage
  • Recharge refrigerant, if necessary
  • Inspect and secure all electrical connections
  • Check all belts for correct tautness
  • Use silicon lubricant or oil on all appropriate parts
  • Check intake and outflow ducts for leakage
  • Conduct an accuracy of the thermostat

The costs associated with a routine service call will vary with the actual services performed. All the tasks mentioned above should be covered a standard maintenance plan. The fee for such a plan should range between $125 and $175. Additional refrigerant, belts, or minor parts will cost extra. In addition, any repairs that are performed will also be charged separately.

Alvarez Plumbing and Air Conditioning actually takes preventative maintenance to another level, while we perform all of the checks listed above we also provide a 12 month Maintenance agreement that includes additional parts and labor, discounts (15%), as well as guaranteed regular hour service fees for after-hours calls. The standard fee for the Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement is $119.00.