June 2016 - Alvarez Plumbing & AC

June 2016


Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Air conditioners always seem to break down when we need them to work the most. One of the more common summertime air conditioner problems is a frozen unit. When the unit freezes, it literally coats the coil in with a sheet of ice. The ice blocks airflow and thus the air conditioner stops working. Although this can be a very

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What Does An AC Tune Up Include?

As important as it is to get an annual AC tune-up, it is equally important to know what that tune-up entails. You’ll want to make sure that when you hire someone to look at your air conditioner, that they are doing a concise review of your unit. A complete AC tune-up should include: A thorough cleaning of the condenser coils

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