A complete AC tune-up should include:

  • A thorough cleaning of the condenser coils on the AC unit should be performed. When the coils are clean, it increases the overall efficiency of the AC unit.
  • The refrigerant level should be checked. A low refrigerant level could be a sign of a possible leak. It could also indicate overuse of your unit, either due to a blockage or excessive running at a low temperature.
  • All moving parts of the AC unit should be lubricated in order to eliminate friction and wear that can lead to an increase in your energy costs.
  • A full calibration of your thermostat should be done to ensure that it is working properly.
  • All ductwork should be inspected for possible energy loss and buildup. A duct cleaning may be recommended if there is excessive buildup causing a blockage of airflow.
  • All electrical connections should be inspected and tightened to make sure they are working safely.
  • The blower motor and the blower belt should be inspected to make sure that they have minimal wear and are functioning properly.

How Often Tune Ups Are Recommended

It is recommended that an AC unit be tuned up once a year. It is best to tune the AC units up before summer time hits, as AC units tend to work longer and harder during the warmer months. Additionally, your AC unit has been dormant all winter long. You’ll want any necessary cleaning and repairs taken care of before peak season starts. Summertime is a very busy season for HVAC repair specialist, so it may take longer to get an appointment.

Benefits of AC Tune Ups

When you complete your annual tune up of your AC unit, have peace of mind that your unit is going to be in the best shape possible during those hot summer months. The price of a tune up is also going to be much less expensive than having to repair the AC unit if something goes wrong with it. Furthermore, AC tune-ups increase the efficiency of the AC unit, which in turn increases the lifespan of the AC unit. AC tune-ups are recommended regardless of the age or size of the unit.

Price Range

AC tune-ups vary from company to company, but most are around $100, which is about twice the cost of an oil change in your car. However, a car may receive 3-4 oil changes in a year, making an AC tune-up pretty cheap by comparison. Not to mention that an AC repair can cost significantly more than a tune-up.


It is recommended that you get your annual AC tune up completed to keep your AC unit running its best for many years to come. When getting your tune up completed, the HVAC repair specialist will let you know of anything that needs to be looked into further, so your unit can run smoothly all summer long.