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4 Advantages of Having a Tankless Toilet

Millions of households and commercial properties in the world are switching to tankless toilets. The conventional toilet is not yet a thing of the past, but the growing popularity of tankless toilets is surely omnipresent.  It’s common for homeowners to be conscious of their energy consumption.  Water is a form of energy, although we consider it more as a utility. Water conservation is as important, if not more important, as reducing consumption of electricity.

There are many advantages of having a tankless toilet:

  1. Size

A tankless toilet is significantly smaller in size than a traditional toilet with a cistern or tank. Just imagine not having the tank, and you would know how nifty it would look. The absence of the tank allows you to install a tankless toilet almost anywhere. Of course, you would need the fixture to be connected to the plumbing infrastructure, and you wouldn’t install a toilet anywhere randomly. But the fact that you don’t need to account for a certain space for the tank, offers you the liberty to toy with the design and layout of the bathroom.

  1. Style

Being tankless, the toilet is certainly more stylish and trendy than a traditional toilet. It will enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom, if not that of the entire house. While it may be premature to say that a tankless toilet will have a direct impact on the value of your property, it will have an impression on the prospective buyers, should you choose to sell your home.

  1. Water Conservation

A tankless toilet doesn’t hoard water unnecessarily. Typically, tanks hold up to three gallons of water and many tanks hold more. A tankless toilet will not withhold any water, which you can use for other purposes. A tankless toilet will also help you save water with dual flush features wherein you can use much less water for flushing down liquid waste. You don’t need three gallons when you don’t have solid waste. Most traditional toilets don’t discriminate between solid and liquid waste. A tankless toilet exerts more water pressure, which makes the flushing more effective.

  1. Fewer Problems

A tankless toilet will have fewer, or no problems, than traditional toilets have. Imagine the valves, floating balls, and the inlets that need maintenance, also replacement when they go kaput. A tankless toilet will have no such problems.

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