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Advantages to a Heat Pump in Your Home

In Florida and other southern states, a heat pump is a great alternative heating method for the home. While furnaces and boilers are great for homes that experience below freezing temperatures during the winter, they are not necessary for warmer climates with mild winters.

Heat pumps can be used for a dual, heating/cooling purpose, and they work best in temperatures above freezing.

Here are several reasons why heat pumps are ideal for Florida homes:


Heat pumps are one of the more efficient means of home heating. They require less energy to run and do not rely on gas or fossil fuel to function. Their dual-function as a heater/cooler means it can be utilized year-round.

Heat pumps function through air transfer. In the summer months, warm air is transferred outside through the unit. In winter months, warm air is transferred into the home. There are two types of heat pumps:


This type of heat pump uses electricity to facilitate air transfer. Air-source heat pumps can produce double the heat energy they consume while running.


 This type of heat pump draws heat from the ground, instead of surrounding air. Geothermal heat pumps can produce nearly six times as much heat as they consume while running.


Heat pumps are safer than other heating methods. Heat pumps do not require combustible material to operate.


Heat pumps do not come with some of the negative drawbacks associated with other heating methods:

Dry air:

Dry air is caused by lack of humidity. Since heat pumps do not suck humidity out of the air, they do not produce uncomfortable sensations like dry skin and static electricity.


Heating systems running on gas or other fossil fuels produce an odor as they are burned off. Heat pumps operate on electricity.


Combustion-based heating systems are prone to all sorts of audible noises. Heat pumps have their condensers located outside the home, so noise does not carry inside.


Heat pumps are much more eco-friendly and sustainable than other types of heating systems.

By requiring less energy to operate and without the reliance on combustion, heat pumps have a lower carbon footprint and higher efficiency rating than other heating methods.

Heat pumps have a much longer lifespan than combustion-based heating systems, with many lasting up to 50 years.

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