General HVAC Maintenance And Tips

When it comes to keeping our homes at the proper temperature, HVAC systems are the unsung heroes. However, the inner workings of these systems can be difficult for the layperson to manage, which is why it is important to properly maintain them. Otherwise, a homeowner is forced to foot the bill for costly repairs.

By following these general tips for HVAC maintenance, future issues can be avoided and your appliances will continue to function at peak capacity.

Have a Strong Knowledge Of Your Own Equipment

By examining your HVAC system, you can develop a stronger level of knowledge when it comes to the ins and outs. When you know the make and model of your system, it is much easier to explain a potential issue that you are experiencing over the phone and will save a technician a great deal of time and energy. If service is performed on your system, be sure to take notes, so that future professionals can refer to them if needed.

Keep Your System Free of Yard Debris

Those who have yards that require mowing and trimming will often neglect to keep their stray clippings and debris away from the system. If you are allowing leaves, grass and stray lawn debris to cover your unit, this can cause a number of problems over the long haul. Keep the clippings away from your system, and if you are struggling to do so, be sure to add a bag attachment to your lawn mower for future use.

Maintain Cleanliness

Most of us are very mindful of keeping our HVAC systems clean during the summer months, since we are spending more time outside. But what happens during the winter, when we are cooped up indoors? When inclement weather strikes, it is important to keep the system clean and free of any additional outdoor equipment that could cause damage.

Reinforce Your Windows

When you neglect all of the cracks and crevices of your home, you are forcing your HVAC system to work much harder than it should have to. Be sure to check your windows before cranking up the heat, to make sure that there no areas of your windows where air is being allowed to seep out. This simple measure can keep from spending untold amounts of money on higher utility bills and reduce the strain that is placed on your system over the long haul.

Watch For Foliage

The fall season can be especially tough on your outdoor HVAC system. Take the time to monitor the grill, so that it does not experience any blockages due to falling leaves. Failure to do so can cause the system to become clogged, which leads to expensive repairs.

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