Hard Water Problems

Hard water can be problematic and it is usually a regional issue, unluckily for us Floridians, we fall into the affected region. Hard water problems are caused by minerals like calcium, aluminum, magnesium, and iron in tap water sources. These minerals come from water passing through layers of limestone in the ground. The high concentration of minerals in the water can cause a number of problems:

Funny Taste and Smell

The minerals in the water are not harmful; they can actually have some health benefits, but they can sometimes give the water a strange smell and taste. Some people report a metallic taste and smell coming from their tap water.

Difficult Showers

Hard water can make shower time a bit difficult as the minerals in hard water can make it difficult to work up a soapy lather of shampoo and body soap. The minerals in the water also make rinsing soap away problematic.

Soap Scum

Soap scum accumulates in showers and tubs with hard and soft water, but it is known to accumulate faster in regions with hard water.

Dish Spots

Much like rinsing the soap away in the shower, dishwashers have just as much trouble. The rinse cycle in the dishwasher can leave behind water spots on cups and dishes.

Messed Up Clothes

Doing a load of laundry is also affected by the effects of hard water. Clothes can feel scratchy after a round in hard water, and colors can fade faster as well.

Mineral Build-up

As the minerals hung on the water as it passed through its source, they will cling to anything else they pass through, pipes, faucets, appliances, water heaters, etc. Mineral build-up can cause damage and additional wear and tear to appliances.

Should you be experiencing hard water problems of any extent, contact a specialist at Alvarez Plumbing to test for hard water and go over possible solutions.


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