This issue can pose a serious health risk for the homeowner and the community.  A cross connection can occur and put the entire water supply at risk.  Cross connection is any connection between piping that carries drinking water and the piping that carries other types of water or substances that are not safe to drink.  Customers who have potential for cross connection are responsible for preventing contaminates from entering into the public water system through their individual plumbing system by installing and maintaining approved backflow prevention assemblies.  However, to install such an assembly requires a plumbing specialist who can not only handle the install, but also navigate the city code and regulations.

To fix backflow and back siphonage, a plumbing specialist must install a backflow prevention assembly.  In order to do this, the plumbing specialist must determine the code, degree of hazard (health or high hazard, non-health or low hazard), and the type of backflow prevention assembly needed.  Once this is decided, the list of parts in the assembly must be reviewed and approved by the local government’s administration.

It’s your responsibility!  Don’t wait to do something about it until your family is deathly ill from sewage back flow!  Get your back-flow testing right away.