Thinking About A Plumbing Or Kitchen Remodel?

So, you’ve finally had the chance to remodel your kitchen, and you can’t wait to pick out the new cabinets and countertops! So much happens during a renovation, especially if you choose to do some or all of the upgrades yourself. While giving your kitchen a facelift, keep in mind that in order to avoid an expensive gaffe, there are a few things about plumbing or kitchen remodel that you should keep in mind.

Pick out your new sink first with a kitchen remodel

Sink designs may not be on your list for selecting remodeling options, and if they are, they rank behind cabinets and countertops in priority. We recommend selecting your sink first and then building the rest of the kitchen around it. Too often people install their cabinets only to realize the space left for the sink is too large or small for the sink selected. You may also find that the current plumbing you have does not line up with the type of sink you picked out. This leads to altering the cabinets, the current plumbing, or having to search for a sink that fits a limited range of specifications.

Check for plumbing vents

When installing new sinks or other appliances in the kitchen, look to see if a plumbing vent has already been installed. Plumbing vents allow air and sewer gases a way to leave the home while letting in the oxygen required for waste to properly decompose. The oxygen also regulates the drainage pressure. Forgoing the installment of a plumbing vent can leave you and your family exposed to toxic gases and slow drains.

Match your old pipes with your new pipes

Always stick to the same type of plumbing you currently have. Mismatching different types of piping can actually cause the piping to become corroded and leak. Either use the same type of plumbing on new fixtures and appliances or replace all of the piping to match the new pipes you wish to install.

Don’t forget to install flooring with your kitchen remodel

Don’t cut corners and install flooring after cabinets and appliances are already in place. Cutting the flooring to fit around these obstructions leaves an unnecessary amount of gaps in the flooring, opening it up to many problems. Place the flooring across the whole of the kitchen and then install cabinets and appliances on top of the new floors.

Sometimes professionals are the best option when it comes to plumbing or kitchen remodel

It can be a lot of work to perform plumbing or kitchen remodel yourself, and mistakes can easily be made. Trust in a professional like Alvarez Plumbing & AC, especially if you are not skilled in particular areas (for example, do not repipe your kitchen if you know nothing about plumbing).

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