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Where Does Dust Come From?

Dust is a constant battle. It always seems to be in your home no matter how often you dust. Dust comes from somewhere, so rest assured you may be able to manage it. Dust is primarily made up from dirt pollen, dead skin cells, pet or people hair, pet dander, and other small particles.


When pets come back in from a trip outdoors, they carry in dirt and pollen from the outside. Most pets also shed hair and pet dander on top of what they track in from a walk or bathroom break. Without removing your fur baby from the family, the best way to reduce the amount they contribute to the dust in your home is to keep them clean. Which as all pet owners know, can be easier said than done! Some tips are:

  • Keep a brush near the door and give them a quick brushing after their trip outdoors to reduce how much they will shed indoors.
  • Keep a mat by the front door to catch some of the dirt and debris as they walk in.
  • Keep up with regular bath times and de-shed or brush your pet frequently to remove extra loose hair.


You and other family members (of the two-legged variety) are also a source of dust contributors. Like pets, you can also track in dirt and pollen. As gross as it may sound, you also shed skin cells which are a large part of the components of the dust in your home. Around 30,000 to 40,000 skins cells are shed a minute!

Leaking Ducts

Tears and loose connections in ductwork allow dirty outside air into your home. This air is carrying its own collection of dirt, pollen, and other small particles.

Clogged filter

Filters are designed to catch the dust and air particles in your home. If it is all clogged up with said particles, it is no longer effective at removing anymore from your home.

Poorly maintained system

Systems lacking in regular maintenance are commonly found to be clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. This prevents the system from working properly; air conditioners are designed to cool and clean your home’s air.

Other Leaks

Gaps or missing weather stripping can allow air from outside, in. Pollen and other particles from outside are able to flow freely into your home. Poorly insulated windows and other sources like fireplaces and oven hoods can contribute as well.

If you continue to have problems with dust and debris in your home, it’s best to contact a professional to ensure your air conditioning system is working properly.

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