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Common Solutions To A Noisy AC

Noisy air conditioners can make it difficult to relax at home and sometimes can be a sign of a problem with the unit, which can worsen if you try to ignore the noise. Other times, simple fixes can cure your noisy HVAC problem. Here are some common solutions from our experts that can fix your noisy AC.


An air conditioner is made up of moving parts and moving parts require lubrication. When the parts are not properly lubricated, they begin to grind against each other creating a noise you hear. Be sure to schedule annual maintenance so that the gears are properly lubricated.


When an air conditioner is running, it vibrates. Vibration can eventually cause screws to loosen, which results in the panels the screws once kept securely in place becoming loose as well and are able to shake against the rest of the unit, causing a rattling sound. Should you hear a noise coming from your unit that sounds like rattling metal, grab your screwdriver to solve your noise issue.

Bent Fin Coils

When the fins are bent, they can cause the air to make a humming noise as it passes through. This can easily be remedied with the use of a fin-straightening tool.

Bent Fans

If you notice the sound only when you are outside or in a room closest to the outdoor unit, it may be the fan causing the problem. A loud fan can be indicating that something is loose or is very dirty and requires maintenance. Before inspecting, remember “safety first” and turn off the power to your air conditioning unit.

  • Open the cage or frame around the outdoor unit and visually inspect on and around the fan. Keep in mind that the fan is delicate and can be easily bent, so work carefully to avoid damaging your unit. Remove any debris that may have found its way inside of the cage or onto the fan.
  • While inspecting for debris, check to see if any of the fan blades are dented or bent. Correcting this issue requires skill and a delicate hand; otherwise, more damage can occur the fan blades. If your blades are damaged and need to be fixed or replaced, it may be best to contact a pro who is equipped and trained to solve this issue without causing further damage to your unit.
  • Loose fan blades are another common fan problem that can result in excess noise while running. Check all screws and connection points for loose parts.

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