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Ten Common HVAC Repairs in the Winter

Just like your air conditioner seems most likely to break down during the high temperatures of the summer, so also will your heater break down on the coldest days of the year. Here are ten of the most common HVAC repairs that could be facing your furnace this winter.

Filthy Filter

Changing the filters in a timely manner will help keep your heater running smoothly and avoid the most common forms of repairs. Clogged filters make the heating system work harder and may damage the switch that controls the fan.

No Inspections or Regular Maintenance

This is another prevalent issue that inevitably leads to a broken down heating system. Annual inspections and regular repair correct small issues before they turn into big ones. Additionally, proper maintenance can help the furnace run smoothly and even more efficiently.

Standard Wear & Tear

Heating units have moving parts, which mean they are subject to regular wear and tear. By having the moving parts replaced at recommended intervals, you will avoid many of the issues that affect your heating unit negatively.

Continuous Running of the HVAC System

Even your heater needs a break now and again. Always having your heat running can lead to overheating or shorten a part’s lifespan by increasing the amount of traditional deterioration in a shorter period of time.


A malfunctioning thermostat means that it could be running the heater at the wrong times or even continuously, which can make life inside the house quite uncomfortable. It can also degrade the fan quickly if the issue is not corrected in time.

Pilot Control or Electric Ignition

When either of them breaks down, it could truly be difficult for the unit to heat your home. Pilot lamps can go out as a result of a clogged filter, while an electric ignition can fail to ignite due to excessive humidity or thermocouple issues.

Constant Cycling

This causes great to wear and tear around the heater as it keeps switching between the on and off modes. Excessively dirty filters are one of the major causes, but it may be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat or other mechanical issues.

Not Enough Heat

This can also be caused by a dirty or clogged filter, which will not allow enough airflow to heat the home effectively. Other times it is worn parts that are not able to function effectively.


If you hear a lot of squeaking, rumbling or rattling that does not normally emanate from your heater, there could be a loose part or other mechanical issues.

No Heat at All

This could be the pilot light, gas, electric power, or thermostat setting that is not correct. Some problems can cause the heater not to work at all, which makes this of the most difficult and expensive (and sometimes avoidable) repairs.

Regular maintenance and annual inspections can help reduce the risk of one of these common issues from happening to you. In order to keep your heating system functioning at its best, it does require a small amount of care in return. Set up an appointment for an inspection and routine HVAC repair and maintenance today from the pros at Alvarez Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

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